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Yoga & Trauma mit Suze Retera

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Module: Embodiment, Grounding & Trauma Awareness for Yoga Teachers

Yoga is a profound practice that draws students with all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences, often to find a form of healing. In order for yoga classes to be truly healing, it is important that the teacher has some awareness of how trauma shows up in the body, how yoga can be beneficial or trigger a release, and how to create a safe space in class.

In this module Suze bring yoga and Psycholody together and explain the way tension and trauma settles in the body. She will approach this through the nervous system, the fascia and specific muscles and how these systems relate to each other.

You will learn how to recognize trauma as it manifests in the body and the behavior of your student. We will practice how to sense boundaries and create safety in your classes, which will allow you to feel more confident in front of a group and able to handle anything that might come up in your class.

This module allows you to explore your own body awareness, grounding and tendencies to dissociate, which is always the starting point from where you will be able to share with others.

You will learn:

- Reading body signals and introduction to the nervous system
- Understanding the difference between relaxation and dissociation
- When and how to apply touch in a safe and trauma aware manner
- To apply alignment and queuing in a functional way
- To understand the role fascia plays in tension and mobility in the body
- To manage your own grounding and embodiment
- To develop sensitivity and awareness of personal boundaries and how to work with them 
- To functionally apply different elements of the yoga practice to enhance healing and grounding

About Suze Retera

Suze is a Psychologist and certified yoga teacher, teaching since 2006. Throughout the years she deepened her knowledge in both fields by adding Total Yoga Nidra, Functional Range Conditioning, Family Constellations, and TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises).

Suze believes strongly that the holistic approach of combining yoga with disciplines like mindfulness, Ayurveda, and trauma- and stress release offer all the tools we need to not only find inspiration but to gain insight and find the healing that can alter the course of our lives.

Her yoga teaching style is a combination of challenging asana sequences, focus on alignment, deep embodiment, and self-healing. The challenging parts of the practice are met with humor and clear guidance that keeps you safe and grounded. Suze's yoga nidra and meditation classes offer you a relaxation that goes beyond just physical relaxation and allows healing to take place on a deeper level. 

Suze’s passion for travel, a conscious lifestyle, and (self) healing inspired her to start Global Flow Retreats in 2006. Global Flow Retreats offers yoga events that combine a deep yoga practice with sustainability and self-care.

Relevant certifications:

- May 2018 | TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises) Provider | YogaLab, Amsterdam
- January 2017 | Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training | Yoga Nidra Network, Copenhagen
- February 2016 | Reiki Level 1 | Thailand
- October 2015 | Familie- & Organisatie Opstellingen | Hylke Bonnema, Netherlands
- October 2009 | Fluid Power, Prana Flow 45 hrs | Samudra School of Living, Los Angeles
- October 2009 | Chakra Vinyasa, Prana Flow 45 hrs | Samudra School of Living, Los Angeles
- May 2008 | AALO Allround Fitness Teacher | AALO, Amsterdam
- January 2007 | Tree of yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs | India
- August 2006 | Master of Science degree doctoral program in Psychology | Tilburg University, Tilburg
- July 2006 | Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs | Yoga Moves, Utrecht

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