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Embodying the Archetype mit Felipe Gonzalez

Yoga is about the expansion of consciousness. When one approaches yoga in a formal, organized, and methodical way, it elevates the practice to an experience, a ritual. By learning to embody the archetype, we can move beyond our habits, recognize our patterns, bring awareness to our blind spots, and awaken the song in our hearts . In this workshop we will explore the body as a vehicle by using techniques from the traditions and inspirations of Bhakti, Vinyasa, and Katonah Yoga. We will tune our instruments with the tools of storytelling, mantra, pranayama, and asana, Let your practice become a vehicle for joy and insight.

Felipe Gonzalez Came to the practice 13 years ago when he first moved to New York City. After several years of practice, he took a leap of faith and completed his teacher training at Laughing Lotus, NYC.  His devotion to music, movement, story telling, and spirituality are embedded in all his classes. Using the techniques of mythology, mantra, philosophy, and asana, he guides practitioners through an experience of breath, vibration, movement, and reflection.

Felipe is a 500 hour ERYT and Katonah Yoga® teacher. You can catch his public classes at Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers, Merge NYC, and Equinox. He is currently on the faculty for the 200 Hour and 50 Hour advanced teacher training programs at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.

Based in New York City, Felipe leads workshops, retreats, and trainings internationally. Drawn to the disciplines of Lotus Flow, Bhakti, Katonah, and Nada Yoga, He devotes his practice and teaching with an artist’s soul and a healer’s heart.

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45 Euro (40 Euro, Abo-Mitglieder)


    1. Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2019 | 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr
    • Dortmund

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